Antti Kolkka on valittu Suomen Keskinäisen Potilasvakuutusyhtiön toimitusjohtajaksi


The Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company

The Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company is a mutual insurance company owned by the university wellbeing services counties and HUS Group, whose task is to cover the patient injury risk of our customers and owners. Our vision is to be the best partner for insuring public medical care. We achieve this by providing insurances in a knowledgeable, transparent and cost-effective manner, by facilitating our customers budgeting work and risk management and by streamlining their administration.

Antti Kolkka is the new CEO of the Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company

Raimo Voutilainen, the chairman of the board of the Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company, stated that the position of CEO had attracted a lot of interest among professionals in the finance sector. The opportunity to lead and develop an insurance company that also has significant societal importance increased the interest in the position during the comprehensive selection process preceding the appointment.

”The key task of the board was to find a CEO for the company who can develop and grow the company's business in line with the strategic objectives set by the board and effectively respond to the needs for change within the company and the industry. It was important for us to find a CEO with extensive leadership experience, understanding of insurance business and related risk management, legislation, investment, and claims management as a whole."

Antti Kolkka, a lawyer by profession, is an experienced and capable leader who has had a long career in the finance sector in executive positions in non-life insurance, life insurance, and asset management. Since 2021, he has also served as the legal director and acting CEO of the Patient Insurance Company.

Antti commented on his own appointment as follows:

"Already at the beginning of the recruitment process, I understood that the task was a great opportunity to utilize the broad experience I have gained in insurance business and insurance company operations throughout my career. I am excited and at the same time grateful for this great opportunity to lead the Finnish Mutual Patient Insurance Company forward. The company's strong ownership base, strong support from the board, and skilled staff provide a good basis for developing the company to serve the needs of the founding shareholders and other customers."

MPS Executive and Board & senior consultant Jussi Kärkkäinen congratulate Antti on his appointment and wish him success in his new role!




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