5 quick ways to enhance Learning Experience (LX)

Gamification, adaptive learning, microlearning, social learning, building a learning culture. These all sound great, but maybe you thought they were difficult and expensive to achieve? What if we told you that you can start putting all of these into your learning experiences right now without a huge investment of time or money?

If this sounds good, check our video below.


- Build your learning culture: Get your learners ready and willing to learn and share their expertise
- Get social: Encourage learners to talk, share and peer teach with the tools you already have
- Save learners’ time: Use simple adaptive learning to make sure learners only learn what they need to learn
- Aid retention: Prioritize “little and often” with microlearning
- Make learners want to learn: Use simple, yet powerful, gamification techniques inside and outside of learning experiences

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Mike Aaja
Mike Aaja
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