Handling controlled interactions – taking gamification outside of traditional e-learning courses 5/6

Gamification can also be done outside of courses, as part of standalone activities or to support the learning materials and/or materials in resource banks. We can put this under the title "communication" and it is filtered through either a line manager/buddy or, if available, a simple chatbot with basic AI. The purpose is to guide and support the learner and maintain control over their interaction with the materials. This is especially suitable for short soft-skill and task-specific learning where a line manager or buddy is generally the person responsible.

If you want to know how, check out the video below.


- When should learning take place outside of courses and when inside?
- The human role in gamification and how to maximise the impact
- How a bot can help
- Gamification triggers outside of courses

This webinar is the 5th in a series of 6 about how to design a gamified learning culture.

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Mike Aaja
Mike Aaja
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