COVID-19 China Update - what changes has there been

As the COVID-19 pandemic has placed many of the worlds’ economies at a halt, China’s approach to fight the outbreak has come together with a rise of new business opportunities driven by smart technologies. In this webinar, we will look at the socio-political response from China and how this led to new business opportunities for many brands and companies.

After watching this video, you will have a better understanding of China’s market dynamics and emerging opportunities to become more resilient organization in a time of crisis, i.e.:

​​​​​​​- The tangible socio- political impact in China
- The socio- cultural and economic disruptions in the market and challenge for the West
- The rising business opportunities from the COVID-19 outbreak
- The role and importance of digital readiness
- How to benchmark my company’s digital readiness?
- How will the market and consumer move forward through this decennium?

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Jerker Gräsbeck
Jerker Gräsbeck
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