MPS’s sustainability principles in searches and recruitment

The MPS values highlight the respect for an individual’s strengths and a strong belief in the fact that people either make or break the success of an organisation. We want this attitude to be present in our services, too.

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We want to be a pioneer in developing our industry’s sustainability practices.


Hannu Kainulainen

Member of the MPS sustainability group

Sustainability principles

Search and recruitment

We know that a culture highlighting sustainability, diversity and individual values provides a significant competitive edge to organisations, in addition to being a healthy foundation for organisational development. We want to be a pioneer in developing our industry’s sustainability practices.

As a sustainable recruitment and search business, we must ensure that we have a positive influence on all our stakeholders: our clients, candidates, suppliers and employees.

What does sustainability mean to us in different recruitment situations faced by clients and candidates?

Sustainability is all about honesty, ethical operations, respect, confidentiality and transparency.

For the client

For the client, we provide a truthful depiction of the market situation related to each role and our possibilities to find a person with sufficient qualifications for the job.

We report all key matters relevant to the assignment to our client, whether it’s professional competence, results of the personal assessment, or matters related to the candidate’s career hopes that may be significant for the job.

For candidates

For candidates, we turn participating in the application process into a positive experience. We respect the candidate and take their views into account. As a search and recruitment operator, we also receive plenty of confidential information from candidates. We process this information with utmost care, always complying with data protection regulations.

We communicate the progress of the process to the candidate, and we describe how they were received in the client company throughout the different stages of the process.

In addition, the production of search services is guided by ethical, professional and data protection norms and rules that are applicable to the industry. Complying with them requires strong expertise on our behalf, and we have committed to the continuous upkeep of this expertise and training.

Diversity is an important part of sustainable recruitment and searches. We are committed to promoting how our processes and selection criteria are only based on factors that are relevant to succeeding in the job. We actively communicate, promote and challenge diversity themes in conversations with our clients and candidates.

We monitor our operations for each assignment specifically, in terms of achieving diversity. We are also willing to share this information with our clients.

We expect our clients to reciprocally cooperate sustainably, based on the above-mentioned principles.