MPS Webinar: Compliance training – more than just ticking boxes


If we do the bare minimum when creating compliance training, why shouldn’t learners do the bare minimum when it comes to being compliant? Also, how are we going to create a compliance culture when it seems we ourselves are not trying very hard?

In this free 60 minute webinar, we’ll look at how to turn compliance training from a dry, content-heavy, box-ticking exercise into an engaging, interesting and fun learning experience that supports and fosters the compliance culture we claim to have. We’ll also see some examples of real compliance training too that manages to do just this.

Opening words: Anna Heiliö, Managing Director of MPS Prewise
Compliance training: Learning Experience Lead Mike Aaja covered the following topics:

  • Mandatory vs voluntary training from the learners’ perspective and why we need to try harder with both
  • Techniques for creating challenging and engaging compliance training
  • Examples of engaging compliance training
  • Q&A

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