Mikko Hurme

Mikko Hurme
Consultant, Psychologist

Phone: +358 20 746 9436
Turku, Finland

Mikko holds a PhD in psychology and he is a licenced psychologist. Previously, Mikko has worked as a researcher and has published several peer-reviewed scientific articles. His scientific background has led him to adopt an approach to psychological assessments that is strongly evidence-based. Mikko is interested in analyzing all the data you can collect from humans and wants to explore ways that the data can be used to predict behavior, especially in working environment. Mikko is experienced in psychometrics and data analytics, but to widen his data analytic repertoire even more, he is currently studying artificial intelligence in a Master’s program. He is looking forward to bringing these new methods to use in the field of HR.

In his free time, Mikko volunteers as a scout leader in a boy scout troop and believes that leading with values is the key to keep non-profit organizations functional. He also enjoys weightlifting and swimming.

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