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5 | Handling controlled interactions

Gamification can be done outside of courses, as part of standalone activities or to support the learning materials - come and find out how!

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4 | Create or curate?

Create or curate? Where should your learning materials come from and how can you add gamification to more formal learning? You will find out in this webinar!

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3 | Designing and maintaining your resource banks to strengthen your learning culture

Use gamification techniques to make the experience smoother, more pleasant, and above all more effective.

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2 | Drive initial engagement with your social hub

Without engagement, your gamified learning culture won’t even get started. A learning culture built around a social hub requires that your learners use the hub proactively.

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1 | Designing a gamified learning culture with tools you already have

Gamification needs expensive technology to work, right? Well, not necessarily. Why not just use the tools you already have? If you want to know how, come and check out this webinar.

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COVID-19 China Update - what changes has there been

China’s approach to fight the COVID-19 outbreak has come together with a rise of new business opportunities driven by smart technologies.

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