Successful recruitment

We help to carry out all stages of recruitment with high quality. Our expertise covers recruitment marketing, finding the right people (sourcing), and suitability assessments, in other words, the managing of the entire recruitment.

We meet several thousand people every year at different stages of the job search, which gives us a comprehensive picture of the job market. We are able to sparring on the difficulty of recruitment even before we start, and thereby help in choosing the best solution.

Successful recruitment arises from the following:

  1. The best candidates. We help to identify the know-how required in the task and the ways to find it, as well as the factors that interest the best candidates. We awaken the interest of the applicant through recruitment communications. We also map out and attract additional candidates from different channels.

  2. A good candidate experience and an effective recruitment process. We support supervisors in initial selections and interviews. We manage the recruitment process systematically as well as the up-to-date communication with applicants.

  3. The right choice. We assure the applicant's suitability for culture and position. Potential to develop. Management and steering can be customized individually. The possibility of error recruitment is reduced.

We always start by defining the need, ie. what kind of expertise is needed to achieve the goals of the organization and ensure future success. Once the competence sought in recruitment has been defined, recruitment can be carried out systematically and its success evaluated.

The success of a new employee in the task is determined by personal competence but also personality and suitability for culture. Our aptitude assessment provides additional information about a person’s personality, motivation, interaction, problem-solving ability, and leadership, and ensures that the most appropriate person is identified.