Recruitment in Social Media Training

MPS's and Vapa Media's joint training provides skills for social recruiting and building an employer image. Training is for anyone who wants to learn how to utilize social media in building an employer image and as part of recruiting more efficiently. The training follows the established practices for utilizing different social media channels in recruiting: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube.

Content and objective of the training:

  • Improve and expand the skills of using social media in recruiting
  • Raise expertise in building and managing an employer image
  • How to make use of social media in recruiting and creating an employer image?
  • What kind of channels should be used and how to use them efficiently?
  • How are results measured?
  • How is social recruitment matched to the whole business?
  • How to build, maintain, and grow a functioning community?
  • What kind of platforms should be used for social media publishing, listening, and encouraging employees?

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