With our recruitment services, you gain pros in expert, supervisor and managerial positions. Together we will build you a modern employer image and candidate experience.

Recruitment is one of the most important strategic choices in the organization, as success always comes from people. People selections are also an opportunity to reform the organization's operations.

Finding and choosing the right people are the decisions that are important to implement through a systematic groundwork. MPS is a recruiting partner for expert and management positions. In every recruitment we want to ensure that all the candidates involved are provided with the right image of the recruiting organization and that the job involved is a positive and self-developing experience.

Recruitment can only be successful if the best candidates are included. This is accomplished in two ways. Recruitment communication tells about the culture and the good aspects of the position in an interesting way to the right target group. We can also map out and find the right people and be in touch with them so that they become interested in the job.

The success of a new employee is determined by personal competence but also by personality and suitability for culture. Aptitude assessment provides additional information about personality, motivation, interaction, problem solving, and leadership, which helps to ensure the right choice at the end of recruitment.

MPS recruitment services offer a solution to different recruitment challenges. Whether recruiting a single key employee or realigning the company’s recruitment strategy, our experts are at your disposal. Our recruitment services include Advertised Search and Network Search. In executive search MPS Executive Search is happy to help.

Recruitment Services

We implement recruitments for even the most demanding situations professionally and efficiently. We ensure that we get the best candidates along in the process and we support you in choosing the best candidate for the position.

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Juha Vaara

"A job seeker must be given the feeling and knowledge of the workplace. Culture and values are crucial."

Juha Vaara

Senior Consultant

Development of Recruiting Skills

We help you and your organization to grow into better recruiters. We train you to upgrade your recruitment process, to interview more efficiently and use different search methods, and to develop your employer image and communicating.

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Johanna Leskinen

"Recruit nimbly by utilizing digital tools and social media."

Johanna Leskinen