Organizational culture and change

A strong culture is a competitive asset, equally significant as a high-quality strategy or an efficient organization. It cannot be copied and its impacts are visible as long-term success.

The majority of organizational changes fail completely or partially, and the failure is often explained by cultural factors - assumptions and convictions that define and steer the organization’s activities. Before anything can be changed at the individual and organizational level, it must be identified. Uniform organizational objectives, organizing and operating methods ensure a clear, productive and committed operating model which gives energy for joint efforts.

MPS Culture Dynamics survey

The MPS Culture Dynamics survey describes the current state of the organizational culture and identifies the major targets of positive attitude to change and targets of resistance. The operating method required by strategy and values is described in line with the cultural framework in order to spot the processes and operating methods which disrupt conformity.

Because an organization’s activities are made up of individual activities, the MPS Culture Dynamics survey also offers an opportunity to describe individuals’ personal operating style in line with the cultural framework. This enables the identification of executives and key persons’ characteristic strengths and development targets in relation to the targeted change.

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