Management team surveys

In the comprehensive management team work development process, we open the management team’s current situation into facts with the help of a management team barometer and in-depth interviews.

Management team work combines two very different dimensions. First of all, issues relating to the organization’s future, its basic mission and its performance, secondly issues relating to teamwork and working methods. Even though the mission-related issues are extremely important, in too many cases they are the only thing the team is aware of and actively works with. If the team process is ignored, team efficiency may suffer, or, in the worst-case scenario, team work is completely prevented.

The survey targets the roles of individual members and their potential as part of the team, the efficiency of cooperation and synergy within the team as a whole, and the management team’s influence on other parts of the organization. Based on the surveys, we find the key development methods together and promote the goal-oriented and systematic development of management team work, at the individual and team level. The MPS management team barometer facilitates measurable results about the management team’s activities and impact assessment in the development of work. The ‘Starting management team’ survey focuses on issues relating to the operating methods and tasks of a management team in its initial stages, and the operations of management team members. The survey concentrates on the management team’s time management, data collection, decision-making, communication and timing of activities among others.

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