Identify and manage the emotional climate of your organization

“Operational culture changes slowly, but the emotional climate may change quickly.”

Emotions are of crucial importance as background factors to human performance and wellbeing. The emotional climate at the workplace consists of the emotions expressed by employees in daily interaction. When positive emotions dominate, work is more fluent, people cope better and for example problem-solving is easier. In a group, emotions are contagious and positive emotions increase the joy of working, while a negative tone of emotions impedes work and makes the atmosphere tense.

Companies that recognize the power of emotions and their impacts on work, invest in improving emotional skills throughout the organization. When the prevailing climate is identified, positive emotions can be further strengthened and a more positive work culture promoted. Emotions are highly significant for example in terms of motivation and productive work, because emotions steer and influence everything we do.

MPS Research charts the organization’s emotional climate, its psychological safety, and guides in strengthening positive emotions further and reducing the emergence of negative emotions, thus promoting a stronger positive work culture.

“In an extensive survey by Google, a team’s psychological safety was by far the most crucial distinguishing factor of top teams, setting them apart from other teams.”

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