Employee survey: Case Autoverkkokauppa.fi

We wanted to hear staff members’ open and direct opinions about our work environment in order to enable us to develop the company to become an increasingly rewarding workplace for our people. In our opinion, regular employee surveys are part of the basic functions of every company.

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"As partner, MPS has succeeded very well. They have provided us with exactly the service we wanted and the results of the cooperation are distinctly verifiable."

More power for leadership - Case Hartela

At Hartela, we have seen the investment to bear fruit, not only in the opinion of managers but employees as well. Employee surveys conducted over the years show a remarkable improvement in the areas of managerial work and leadership.

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"We intend to continue and develop the successful cooperation with MPS. The program, which is well-liked and in demand among managers, will continue with updated contents in 2020."

The MPS 360 assessment provided ideas for leadership development both at the individual and organizational level - Case Finnfund

A 360 assessment was conducted for almost one hundred participants in a comprehensive manner, adapted to Finnfund’s business environment and culture. The aim was to identify strengths in leadership and cooperation, for managers and experts alike, and find the most important development targets.

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"Communication with MPS representatives is easy and straightforward. It was a joy to implement the 270/360 assessments in cooperation with MPS."