Supporting supervisors and staff in organisational change

In reduction situations we offer our customers support in carrying through the change process in the organisation with the help of various change management coachings.

The goal is to help both supervisors and the staff to adapt to the new situation as quickly as possible. In change situations an important task of management and supervisory personnel is to ensure the continuing wellbeing, competitive edge and efficiency of the organisation. In the coaching sessions the supervisors learn to handle discussions with respect and professionally and to support their own teams during the change. Their capacity to take care of their own well-being in challenging situations is strengthened, as self-sufficiency of supervisors is a prerequisite for managing change situations.

The training's main offering for staff, both before and after the change, is the opportunity to ventilate emotions and discuss the situation. They learn to recognize their own way of reacting to change and understanding their colleagues. They get tools to maintain their own well-being and to support their own team members. While feeling well and working together, the staff can get back to efficient operating mode more quickly than without support.