Outplacement Programs

MPS’s career services are aimed at employees who are leaving the company or considering their own career.

The most important objective of outplacement is to support the person’s change process and to find a new, suitable position, training or other career opportunity for the individual as quickly as possible. Career guidance is suitable for situations where the individual is considering his or her own future prospects and needs support in achieving career targets. Our new service Career Path makes it possible to combine consulting that is people-oriented and flexible with the advantages of on-line coaching.

Outplacement services are effective and humane ways to help an individual at the end of an employment relationship. Those who take part in the training will find a new job 2,67 times more likely than those who do not participate. To achieve good results, coaching has to offer two things: topical information on the job market and job search as well as emotional support in the change situation and motivation for job search. We at MPS are strong in both areas. We help our trainees with our extensive expertise - recruitment, executive search, coaching and digital change support.

We give each person individual attention

Everyone is different and that’s why it’s important to remember that each individual’s needs and aims are unique. We support every trainee while taking into account their unique situation.

Finding your own place and path requires professional support and modern solutions. Feedback from coaching has been constructive and encouraging. We have received thanks from the people we coached, who say they appreciate the psychological support they received and the consultant's view of today's labor market.

Our task is to understand, support, guide and to open up the customer’s own resources to new, positive experiences. Our career services team consists of experienced experts in career guidance and recruitment. We have the most up-to-date information on job market, hidden jobs, and use of social media for job search. We believe that the key aspect of the coaching process is the experience of genuine, useful sparring in challenging change situations.

The programmes are carried out in the form of individual coaching programmes or as group job search coaching. They combine personal coaching and on-line solutions according to customer needs. 

eCareer Path

eCareer Path is a unique online learning environment developed by MPS, which supports and complements the outplacement process.

eCareer Path supports the coachee throughout the coaching period and for a long time after that. A pedagogically motivating digital environment provides an ideal opportunity for reflecting on one’s own future and opportunities. It forms a learning path on which the coachee moves towards their decision: a new job, or possibly studying or business start-up. The method is flexible, enabling users to work independent of time and place and work on their situation between the training sessions.

Besides the learning contents and reflective tasks eCareer Path offers up-to-date news and events as well as additional material to suit different situations. It offers valid information on the recruitment market and vacancies direct from experts in the field and also makes alternating tips of hidden jobs available to every coachee. Coachees can choose the contents of the programme to meet their own needs, flexibly according to their situation.