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The 9 month mentoring program costs 3,100 € / actor.

Our next MPS Cross Company Mentoring program (for Finnish-speaking) starts in March 2021!

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Minna Hirsimäki,
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MPS Cross-Company Actor is typically

  • Development hungry and capable of learning
  • Someone who wants to pursue their career and gain more responsibility
  • Someone who wants to gain more confidence and courage to tackle new challenges
  • Someone who wants to deepen their expertise and get support for developing professional skills

Benefits of the mentoring program for actors

  • New information and new perspectives
  • Questioning your own ideas
  • Experiences of success
  • Variation and new energy
  • Finding new resources

Examples of skills and competence areas that can be dealt with in the mentoring program, depending on the goals and the development needs of the actor:

  • Strengths and development areas of your own operating style
  • Knowledge of business and industry
  • Leadership and interaction skills
  • Creating contacts and building relationships
  • Time and stress management
  • Career Planning
  • Individual job-related challenges