MPS Cross Company Mentoring

Our mentoring process enables individuals to grow through a process of training, appropriate pairing, and use of tools that support development. Our mentoring programmes provide goal-orientated growth and professional development for both actors and mentors.

MPS Cross Company Mentoring program is intended for experts who are interested in developing themselves. MPS offers a unique mentoring model, which breaks organizational boundaries, by match-making mentors and actors from different organizations. The program lasts for 9 months and it builds bridges between generations, businesses and organizational cultures. Our mentoring program has undergone nearly 500 participants and it concretizes our slogan "Valuable Growth for Everybody".

The next MPS Cross Company Mentoring program (for Finnish-speaking) starts on March 2019 and the application period is running until March 1, 2019!

The aim of the program is to provide support for successful work both in corporate management and within one's area of responsibility. Even those in the lead who need sparring and support from more experienced experts can take part in the program as actors. Mentoring is based on the confidential interaction of two equal people, where know-how is transferred through regular and purposeful discussions. The Mentoring program is based on volunteering, but it requires a strong commitment to the process from both sides. We also run company-specific mentoring programs.

A goal-oriented and successful process

We support mentor-actor pairs on their journey every step of the way by giving them concrete tools and methods with which the pairs can get started and create suitable models for themselves. The goal-oriented mentoring process has a clear aim; a beginning and an end. The pairs form together an agreement whereby both parties commit themselves to the process and its confidentiality.

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Jaana Tarkki

"I found the program very useful and the cooperation with the mentor was really rewarding."

Jaana Tarkki


MPS Cross Company actors have a strong desire to develop themselves

MPS Cross Company actor can clearly point out their interest in personal development and take responsibility for their own learning and improvement. There are no age or educational restrictions on the program but we do expect good proofs of successful action and, above all, desire and ability to grow and move forward in the career. If you are someone who could need support and sparrow from a more experienced person, for example in situations where you are facing new challenges or just want to speed up the building process of your determined career path, you might want to consider applying for an actor.

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Nina Kujala

"I got the chance to spar together with my mentor about things related to my career and personal development - I gained new views and thoughts about what I am going to do in the future! "

Nina Kujala

HR Development Manager, Fingrid Oy

MPS Cross Company mentors have a high profile and solid know-how

The mentors we invite to the program are from top management of companies. A good mentor is a respected and recognized person who has excellent interaction skills. From mentors we demand a strong commitment to the process, willingness to openly share their own experiences and ability to focus on the questions and situations of the actors. If you are someone who wants to encourage experts to seek new challenges or leadership positions and spread out culture of success, you might want to consider applying as a mentor. What you will gain from the program is new energy and new perspectives.

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Kaisa Kiintonen

"Discussions with a great mentor made me believe in my own expertise and gave me tools for challenging projects."

Kaisa Kiintonen

Product Group Manager, Lejos Oy

Company-specific mentoring programs

We also run company-specific mentoring programs. The company's internal mentoring program is a good way to engage key people in the organization. The program promotes organizational competence sharing and brings new perspectives and ideas for business development. References to our internal mentoring programs include ABB Group, Boliden Harjavalta, Enia Oy, Fennovoima, Hartela Group, Senaatti kiinteistöt Oy and Varsinais-Suomen Sairaanhoitopiiri VSSHP.

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Minna Hirsimäki

"A company-specific mentoring program extends internal networks and spreads out culture of success."

Minna Hirsimäki

Consultant for Mentoring Programs, MPS Enterprises