Career Guidance and MyCareer

MPS’s career services are meant for employees to support their own career-thinking and to find a suitable way for them and the organization to develop their skills.

Our work environment is changing at an accelerating pace – workers must develop to respond to the new situation. Personnel trainings guided from the top and responding only to the objectives of one's own mission are no longer enough in today's world. Initiative, proactive, and actively networking people get the organization to flourish – and thus make the organization flexible and innovative. Workers who are healthy and have found their place are proven to be effective and productive.

Careers have become cyclical and difficult to predict – the individual's responsibility for their own development is further emphasized. Individuals find the best ways to work for the organization in tasks, which they feel meaningful. This can be achieved by tuning work, which means identifying one's personal motivation, know-how and personality.

We implement programs as individual career coaching trainings or as tailor-made group trainings.


MyCareer is a unique online learning environment developed by MPS that supports and supplements our career services. MyCareer enhances professional development by giving the individual the chance to think about their own future guidedly. The individual has the keys to develop and tune their work as well as to maintain their job satisfaction. Examining these issues together with one's own supervisor and HR, the individual gets a good starting point for either enriching their current assignment or for example planning their workflow.

MyCareer is great for example in situations where:

  • We want to enhance development discussions, mentoring, business coaching, talent programs, etc.
  • The organization is facing changes that need to be addressed as flexibly as possible
  • A tool is needed to engage and activate employees
  • There is a need to build career paths and options within the organization
  • There is a need to renew and increase perspectives
  • We want to help workers returning from abroad to find their place in the organization

MyCareer online tool can also be licensed for the organization's own use. Language options are Finnish and English.

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