Mentoring and Business Coaching

MPS Cross Company Mentoring Program has undergone over 1300 participants who are interested in developing themselves. Business Coaching is an individual leadership development process which concentrates on the unique situation and challenges of an individual. The client enhances his/her competencies and skills in order to achieve the organization’s short and long term goals with the aid of an inspiring coach.


Our mentoring process enables individuals to grow through a process of training, appropriate pairing, and use of tools that support development. Our mentoring programmes provide goal-orientated growth and professional development for both actors and mentors.

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Business Coaching

MPS Business Coaching helps you to target individuals’ potential for achieving company goals better. With coaching, your people’s self-reflection will develop, their limiting beliefs can be identified and their performance and well-being at work will be strengthened.

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Career Guidance and MyCareer

MPS’s career services are meant for employees to support their own career-thinking and to find a suitable way for them and the organization to develop their skills. MyCareer is a career planning service that utilizes a unique network environment in addition to expert career guidance.

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