MPS Pro for developing supervisory work

MPS Pro is a versatile training program for companies that want to improve their supervisors' skills in managing people. In the program, supervisors learn to lead themselves and their organization in different situations.

Why MPS Pro

The MPS Pro Coaching Program combines theory and practice, while utilizing versatile research tools of MPS. The MPS Pro program is built around contact days and online courses supported by a versatile network learning environment.

MPS Pro builds your skills in several areas of human leadership:

  • Coaching Management
  • Change Management
  • Competence Management
  • Self-Management

The program includes:

  • Six local training days and an additional one half-day training, where your own development is demonstrated based on 360°.
  • The program includes eight online courses with content that will support the next local training days.
  • 360° evaluation, career motivation and operating style analyzes and their individual feedback 1,5 h * 2
  • Access to the MyCareer online service as part of the personal development plan

Who is MPS Pro for?

  • A supervisor who wants to develop in people-and self-management
  • An experienced expert who wants to become a good supervisor or human leader
  • A HR manager who wants to expand their skills

The benefits of the training

  • You will deepen your skills at all stages of HR management
  • In addition to coaching you will learn best practices from other participants in the program
  • Your ability to see and support the development of the life cycle of a staff will get stronger