MPS 360° survey on the development of supervisory work

With 360° survey we collect feedback on supervisor's or expert's actions from colleagues, directors and supervisors, as well as other potential partners. With 360° we look at a person's behavior variously, highlighting clearly the development targets and prioritizing the most urgent ones.

Our completed content for supervisors and experts is a quick and reliable starting point for research. Content can also be tailored to the customer's strategic goals, management criteria, organizational culture, or values. You will have full support from MPS research unit and consultants, who specialize in organizational development.

Clear and illustrative reporting

Respondents evaluate the participant's actions from the perspectives of knowledge level and development needs. This allows us to collect information that facilitates the selection and prioritization of development targets. Respondents also get to give open feedback.

The result of the study report summarizes the information gathered from the supervisor in a clear format. When there are multiple supervisors to be evaluated, the results can also be viewed in accordance with organizational or divisional level.

Feedback and personal development plan

Feedback given in individual meetings or in group workshops will support each supervisor to utilize the feedback  from 360° in developing their own way of working. We prepare each supervisor to build a personal development plan. Talking with a neutral party helps you see feedback related themes from a new perspective.