Evaluation and development of supervisory work

Well-led people become motivated and therefore they operate more effectively in the right direction.

We will strengthen each supervisor's capacity for leadership and building a top team. We support the strengthening of your organization's leadership culture as a win-win culture. Change and development are based on the supervisor's self-awareness and ability to accept himself. In the development process, each supervisor will build a unique, resource-efficient way to lead. In trainings, we use versatile methods and digital training solutions, which are our speciality.

MPS 360 ° survey for developing supervisory work

With 360° survey we collect feedback on supervisor's or expert's actions from colleagues, directors and supervisors. With MPS 360 ° survey and Management Development Audit (MDA), we help the leader to get feedback on their own operations and to increase their self-esteem. We will prepare each and every supervisor to build a personal development plan.

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Niilo Mäkelä

"With 360° we look at a person's behavior variously and point out the development targets."

Niilo Mäkelä

Head of Organizational Development Analytics

MPS Pro Development Program for Supervisors

MPS Pro Development Program is well suited for situations where you want to clarify the management's intent and to harmonize management customs. The program also offers great support when it comes to introducing a new strategy into practice, wanting to strengthen the leadership capability of the new supervisors and organization's key potentials, or upgrade the skills of experienced supervisors towards coaching.

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Minna Hirsimäki

"The program is well-suited for beginners as well as experienced supervisors."

Minna Hirsimäki