Management Development Audit - MDA

MPS Management Development Audits support the organisation's key persons in following through and developing company activities according to the set strategy. With the help of Management Development Audits organisations are able to boost their managerial work and able to support managers in managing and implementing change.

MDA is intended as a development tool for the organization's management team and key personnel to support individual leadership skills and to develop leadership or management teamwork. MDA supports management and key personnel personally, when developing leadership in accordance with the strategy to meet the challenges of the future business. It enhances leadership and supervisor work and supports the management team in accelerating change.

The change starts with the individual

Changing a group's or organization's operations, requires changes in individual-level behaviors. MDA strengthens self-awareness and creates a perception of potentiality of developing as a leader. On the basis of the MDA, we prepare a summary of the organization's management status. Development measures can be tailored to meet individual and organizational needs.