MPS Cultural Due Diligence Inventory (CDDI)

MPS Executive & Board have created a unique assessment model analyzing the company culture as well as current and future management potential. We benchmark the results with buyer expectations.

How can we support you?

  • We help you to avoid cultural risks in acquisitions
  • We combine our knowledge in organizational culture and leadership assessments to form a unique Growth mindset index
  • Our dedicated team of professionals can guide you through the people DD process and provide you with clear recommendations
  • Our proven method enables rapid delivery and starting capability with short notice

Our culture DD process include:

  • Initial target analysis
  • Investor definition of target culture
  • Assessing target company culture and management
  • Creating the the CDDI-report
  • Reporting to the investor
  • Supporting the target company growth
  • To deliver conclusions we´ll create a summary report that includes culture and
  • management assessment and recommendations including change needs and supporting actions.

Our CDDI team at your service:

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Roy Herold
Roy Herold

Managing Director, MPS Executive Search | Senior Partner, Certified Business Coach
+358 40 060 1760
Helsinki, Finland

Jussi Kärkkäinen
Jussi Kärkkäinen

Senior Consultant, Executive Search; Banking and Finance Lead
+358 41 468 6341
Helsinki, Finland

Iiro Pohjanoksa
Iiro Pohjanoksa

Business Development Director, Senior Partner, Certified Business Coach
+358 50 082 7384
Helsinki, Finland

Sari Salojärvi
Sari Salojärvi

Senior Consultant, Certified Business Coach
+358 41 466 6064
Helsinki, Finland

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