Is your organization prepared for the coming changes that the new Data Protection regulation will cause?

"I did not know this concerned me too" can cause a major sanction for business. The Data Protection regulation of European Union will tighten privacy policy and include new requirements for corporate privacy obligations, the neglect of which can lead to a fine of up to EUR 20 million or 4% of global turnover.

The Data Protection regulation, which applies to Privacy Policy and Personal Data Processing, will become effective in May 2018 and bring even stricter requirements to employers.

Data Protection at Work - An online course created by experts

To support Data Protection competences, MPS Prewise has developed the Data Protection at Work online course together with the law firm Fondia. The course is a useful "eye opener" for all those organizational managers and employees who handle personal information in their work. Skills, health information, pay, photographs, location information - at work information is accumulating all the time as technology advances. What is then included as personal information by law and how should it be processed?

Data Protection at Work online course is available through cloud computing and is suitable for all types of organizations. It is also possible to customize the course based on the company's own business and needs.

Data Protection also tightens the reporting obligation

The EU's Data Protection Regulation tightens not only sanctions, but also reporting obligations. If a company's database, which contains personal data, becomes a target of an intrusion attempt, the Data Protection authority must be notified of a security violation within 72 hours. For these accidents, it is important to plan early, who will take responsibility, when and how, because 72 hours pass quickly.

It is often thought that knowledge of the proper processing of personal data is required only by members of staff or information management. However, this is not enough. Everyone should understand the importance of data protection in their own work and learn how to handle personal data in accordance with the law's obligations.

When it comes to basic level, there really are no complex issues concerning Data Protection, which is why e-learning is the most effective solution for understanding them. Ultimately, it is about the culture that exists in the organization. An ethical corporate culture in which employees understand their rights and responsibilities should be actively built. With e-learning you will be able to ensure that important issues get implemented in the whole organization.

Three typical misunderstandings

1. ”We have personal information mainly in the systems.”
There is much information elsewhere as well, and technology constantly brings new ways to gather it.

2. ”The system vendor is responsible for our privacy."
Wrong. The person who collects the information is responsible for taking care of the data protection.

3. ”Data protection is mainly related to customer information.”
Data protection also belongs to employees. In everyday situations, it is easily compromised, unless its meaning is understood.