Safety and Quality Management

Ways of working that target work safety are the basis for both quality and job satisfaction – so build comprehensive safety management with the help of digital solutions.

Safety management requires effective ways of getting people committed in order to promote mutual safety. Motivating and versatile digital solutions enable you to track know-how, register accomplishments and perform the necessary reporting, even if you are part of a large organization.

When it comes to safety, it doesn’t matter who the employer is. Therefore, e-learning is also a great solution when there is a need to get external employees – such as contractors or drivers – familiar with your policies. How it is implemented is based on the needs of the target audience: for example, mobile workers appreciate safety training via mobile devices.

Personal accident and injury danger is surprisingly independent of industry. However, from the point of view of product safety and quality, the situation is different. In order to meet quality standards and requirements, e-learning can be the most effective solution even for a smaller audience, especially if the target group is geographically very scattered.

High-quality e-learning is a central part of corporate and employer image

MPS Prewise has long experience in online security training for various industries. We translate hard copy safety guidelines into compelling and easy-to-adopt digital content.

E-learning can also be a tool to get your own – and any partners’ – personnel to develop a more secure, collaborative workplace. Office and function-specific differences will be levelled out when everyone gets the same safety induction digitally and task-specific induction will also be enhanced.

High-quality online training is a central part of the corporate and employer image. The benefits to the organization largely coincide with the benefit to the individual. An intelligently built digital solution that is effectively tracked, smartly distributed and focused on the right target groups helps instill security as the driving force behind everything: Safety First.

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