Induction Training

Is induction training conducted in an efficient and timely manner? Even when the person giving the induction training and the one receiving it are in different countries with different cultural backgrounds? What about when turnover rate is high, or when positions are shifted in-house? Are the managers of different units committed to implement a unified familiarization?

Rarely is the answer to all these questions yes. Induction training, however has a major influence in how fast and efficiently a new or a re-tasked employee gets to handling new duties in full-force, and how long she enjoys them. To involve employees in productive work as fast as possible requires efficient, systematic and measurable methods.

Online learning in all its form provides good tools for a timely, wage-independent and sufficiently encompassing familiarization program. Moving a part of the familiarization process online frees up the time of the management to other tasks, creates a positive and modern view of the employer and ensures that all employees in all offices receive a unified and encompassing induction training to their work.

The digital channel provides good tools for things such as work safety and education of products and services. Building a wider induction training program online is also a good option to speed up the induction trainingn of both standing and seasonal staff. Versatile online solutions enable the monitoring of talent, registering progress and necessary reporting even in global organizations.

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