Even a small matter can have major effects to the business. Today’s business is guided by varying specifications and directions, of which the entire staff must be aware of and understand how they affect their daily work.

Every organization has rules. Everybody has to obey laws. The company must keep its reputation. The environment must not be spoiled and bribes should not be accepted. This is all clear, but only in theory. In practice laws, regulations, and instructions can form a jungle where it is easy to get lost. For that there is a "principle paper": Code of Conduct, operating principles, ethical guidelines. Depending on the industry, it is complemented by a multitude of politicians and guides.

However, there cannot be instructions for everything. In the end it comes down to the culture that exists in the organization. Do your personnel understand what encompasses ethical and responsible business and what is their responsibility? Business management requires functional means to make ethics and compliance a part of organizational culture and the activities of each person within it. With online training you will be able to ensure that important matters get put to practice in the whole organization efficiently and measurably.

Compliance online trainings for dozens of companies

MPS Prewise has implemented compliance online trainings for dozens of companies and organizations. More than 200,000 learners have reflected what ethics or regularity means for their work. We also find solutions for those learners whose work environment does not allow network access. A professional customization project, smooth localization, fast initialization, and accurate measureability make the rollout phase efficient. As one learner said, "Ethical guidelines began to live in another way."

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