Online learning to measure influence

We implement measurable and motivating coaching online for our customers.

Organizations improve competitiveness by enhancing their operations, merging, differentiating, allyaging and outsourcing. Strategies, processes, practices and products change at a rapid pace. In such situations, motivating the individual and adopting new knowledge are the starting point for the desired change in the organization's operations. This requires new, quick tools to make changes happen and to develop operations.

We offer many types of support for developing employee competence. For example, we create training systems for our customers based on the Prewise Gimlet system product family. We build talent management community services to support long-term development. We also deliver 30-minute Three Points online courses for the fast and cost-efficient acquisition of the most common business skills.

We believe in the diverse form of coaching. The best results from a business point of view can be achieved when the development of competence is in time and effectively reaches a sufficiently large part of the target audience. Online training is our special strength and we offer comprehensive services.