Gimlet LMS

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Gimlet LMS consists of two sides. With the management side you maintain training content, manage users and study groups, create learning paths and follow performance. With the training portal, the staff can easily find educational content tailored to them and also esily track their own performance.

Ensure Competence - Gimlet LMS Management

Gimlet LMS is a scalable solution that suits organizations of different sizes. Effective management of the training process ensures the progress of staff training in the agreed timetable, provides reports on performance and, above all, ables to verify and measure the achieved training results in relation to the defined goals.

Through the Gimlet system, you can share diverse learning content such as online courses, videos, audio, presentation materials and links to external materials.

The system supports a managed learning process: The Gimlet LMS management side defines the content to be displayed in the training portal. The content is divided into study paths that have their own target groups. The study path is the top level that binds the training content for a particular target group. Study paths can be created in such a way that users can freely browse content intended for them or users can be directed to navigate content in a certain order. Invitations and reminders can also be sent to users from the system.

User management can be done either in the management of Gimlet LMS or in combining user management with the customer's own HR / ERP systems. 

It is easy to get reports from users' achievements and responses in tasks to Excel. Performance can also be monitored in real time directly from the Gimlet LMS system. If necessary, separate reporting views can also be built on the side of the training portal, for example, for supervisors to track their own team's performance.

Free the learning - Gimlet Training Portal

The Gimlet training portal is a clear and user-friendly solution for sharing online training and other digital content, enabling learning regardless of the place and time. In the training portal the users see only the content that has been specified for them on the management side of Gimlet LMS. The performance status of own training content is visible to the user directly in the training portal.

The layout of the training portal is designed according to the customer's graphical instructions. In the Gimlet LMS system it is possible to create a number of training portals with different visual features for different target groups, such as your own staff and subcontractors. Different language versions can also be made of the training portal. The elements of the training portal are arranged according to the customer's needs.

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