Gimlet Composer eLearning authoring tool

Online course production is easy

Sometimes the best option is to do things yourself. With the Gimlet Composer tool, you can make professional looking online courses easily and flexibly without any special expertise in technology or programming.

When initializating the tool, we create a course platform with the customer's own visual look, which ensures that the courses are in line with the brand. You can also order different course layouts with various visual or linguistic versions. The course platform is responsive, which means that the courses made with Gimlet Composer can be completed conveniently on different devices. 

There are a number of different task and page types as well as additional components that can be used to bring functionality and layers to courses. Courses can also be easily edited as teamwork by utilizing the comment tool. If necessary, courses can be duplicated and pages from other courses in the tool copied.

Courses made with Gimlet Composer can be published either through Gimlet LMS system or as SCORM packages in other learning environments.

With Gimlet Composer tool you can produce online courses independently, but MPS experts will always support you, if you need help with making online courses.

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