Speeding up our customers' business transformation

Every company must train their employees. Modern companies offer online training as part of the development of their staff's competence. We deliver tailor-made e-learning from beginning to end as a pedagogically powerful learning package. Our tools also give you the opportunity to create your online training yourself.

We provide comprehensive digital solutions for the development and maintenance of know-how and integrate them as a natural part of other systems. In addition to technology and tools, our comprehensive solution includes content production, so we deliver tailor-made e-learning to our customers from beginning to end quickly.

E-learning pedagogy is an essential part of our know-how, so with our help your staff gets a strong learning experience regardless of the topic, place and time. E-learning can be applied to almost all staff's development needs and to all sectors. By utilizing technology in an agile way it can, for example, enhance the implementation of change or develop and maintain staff's competence effectively.

Our long experience in the field and our own technology development unit will ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and measurability of our online courses - we are your partner for an impressive change.

Gimlet Learning Suite

Gimlet Learning Suite is a comprehensive solution for the development and maintenance of organizational competence in digital channels. It covers all e-learning functions ranging from efficient course production to training management, sharing and measurement and evaluation of results. Gimlet Learning Suite is designed and developed specifically for business needs.

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Juhani Mäkelä

"With Gimlet Learning Suite competence development is fun and motivating!"

Juhani Mäkelä


Online training

Online training courses carried out by the MPS Prewise provide a versatile, consistent and measurable training to new and current employees. If you are considering whether e-learning is suitable for your business needs, please contact us! We will help you make the right choices for different needs and tell you what should be considered in the planning of e-learning.

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Iiro Pohjanoksa

"Digitalisation is not an intrinsic value, but the current operating environment of working life and the possibility of engaging people in diverse ways."

Iiro Pohjanoksa

Senior Partner, MPS Enterprises