Gimlet Composer authoring tool

Create e-learning easily and flexibly

Sometimes doing it yourself is just the thing. With MPS Prewise’s Gimlet Composer authoring tool, you can create professional-looking online courses easily and flexibly without any special expertise in technology or programming.

To get you swiftly started, we will design a course template for you, aligned with your visual guidelines so that your courses will be consistent with your organization’s brand. You can also order different templates for your various training needs and languages. The templates use responsive technology, which allows for the content to be accessed conveniently and consistently across different devices.

The tool offers you a wide range of different task and page types and page components to add interactivity and control information hierarchy for better learning experiences. You can also create quizzes and final tests to verify learning. The built-in comment tool makes it easy to co-author courses, and you can also duplicate and copy pages to e.g. get an easier start on a new course.

You can publish your Gimlet Composer courses through Gimlet LMS or as SCORM packages ready to be installed onto any other learning platform (LMS).

With Gimlet Composer, you will be able to create your e-learning courses completely independently. It is also nice to know that MPS Prewise’s experts are within easy reach if you ever need extra help with e.g. learning experience design or a special technical feature that you would like to add to your course.

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