Strategy implementation

Your new strategy will be of little value unless every employee is able to make sense of the new direction you’re looking to take.

In order for efforts to be correctly directed within your organization, everyone needs to have a shared understanding of the common goals. When the carefully planned strategy is finally ready and documented on a nice set of slides, it is sometimes easy to forget this key step in the process.

How does your organization interpret the messages behind the strategy talk? What kind of preconceived notions and expectations do employees have? What are they concerned about? What needs to be learned, or “unlearned”?

It is important that the individuals within your organization get answers to all the most important questions. In the end, it is the individuals who will need to implement your strategy, so it makes sense that you give them time to reflect on the change on their own.

Uniform messages throughout the organization

Digital learning is well suited for individual reflection and refinement of ideas. You can reach your whole organization with uniform messages. Digital learning can also increase participation in what should be done next – or what should not be done anymore. Clear messages, reflection and active participation increase commitment and motivation.

MPS Prewise can also help you systematically and measurably implement and anchor your strategy by providing facilitated team workbooks for team discussions and team-specific action plans. Social learning is key in successful strategy implementation.

Digital tools can be a great asset even before the implementation phase, when you are still in the process of preparing your new strategy. We can provide you with a tool for collecting your employees’ observations on the changes in your operational environment in a way that not only creates dialogue but also helps everyone understand why strategy needs to be reassessed and redirected.

So what about that ”slide set” then? Any strategy will need to be visualized. We are happy to help you with that part of the process as well.

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