Boosting sales and customer service with digital solutions

The tougher the competition, the more important it is to ensure that your sales and customer services are up to par. You need to make sure that your customer service teams are informed of your new products and services quickly and efficiently – with emphasis on how to use that information in practice to bolster sales and customer service. There is a continuous need for learning – and you will need to provide an easy access to it.

What am I selling and to whom? How can I deliver the agreed service so that it will meet our standards? How should I behave to embody our brand? How can I translate these product specifications into benefits for this particular customer? How can I reach my goals?

When it comes to sales and customer service skills, there’s always room for improvement and learning. In addition to mastering the facts and the process, you also need good interpersonal and communication skills. That is why you should consider bringing the training as close to the actual work as possible. Mobile learning solutions can help the target group find product information or develop their sales arguments and counterarguments.

Customer interactions can be also practiced digitally in pairs or teams. Especially if you are providing your customer service online, it makes sense to conduct any simulations or practice sessions online as well.

In B2B sales it is essential that your sales personnel understand the entire sales process, master sales planning and forecasting, and can manage their time effectively. The sales funnel, from opportunities to closing the deal, becomes alive when you get to examine it through a well-designed, organization-specific e-learning. An engaging digital learning experience can help identify opportunities for improvement in e.g. your own CRM use in a way that will make a real difference for your sales.

MPS Prewise has over the years created a great number of digital learning solutions to boost sales and improve customer service skills in B2B and B2C companies. Our human-centred design process will bring your learners to the forefront and ensure that the training will become much more than a list of product information or a jumble of sales process flowcharts. We design learning solutions that increase insight and engagement and support your personnel in creating memorable customer experiences.

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