Skanska Sweden uses e-learning to increase risk awareness

A leader in safe work environments, Skanska decided early on to make safety a top priority. The company is working systematically to achieve its goal of zero accidents. Safety First is a concept known by Skanska employees around the world.

Every year, Skanska organises Safety Week, an event involving all of Skanska’s 53,000 employees at more than 10,000 construction sites and offices. The aim is to offer more opportunities to discuss and improve the working environment.

Skanska Sweden chose Prewise as its partner for developing an e-learning course as part of the 2012 Safety Week. The topic was Working at Heights, and the purpose was to engage and motivate the target group and make the topic a priority for all individuals and teams working together.

The course was tailored to be used primarily as a team exercise at the work sites, but it also serves as an individual e-learning tool. The training was made accessible to all employees, no matter whether they worked in an office or on site.

The e-learning course was aimed at creating awareness about the risks associated with working at heights. In addition, the goal was to encourage curiosity about and create demand for further training. Prewise supported Skanska with the right strategy to meet these goals and make the course a valuable exercise to improve safety.

Helena Parker, Project Manager, Skanska Sweden:

- Working at heights is one of the major risks associated with construction work, with accidents occurring every year. It is also an area where our success depends on many people doing their part. As a large organisation, we wanted to see how and when we could use digital courses as part of our training strategy.

- I am glad to see that the training module is being discussed a lot. A group exercise typically takes 30–45 minutes to complete. If you go through the exercise on your own, it takes 10–15 minutes. The feedback has been positive. The training also serves as a foundation for more specialised training.


Skanska Sweden is the first nationwide construction company to certify the work environment (OHSAS 18001:2007).
Skanska works systematically to improve and evaluate its methods, processes and approach to safety.


Text: Camilla Parpal
Pictures: Skanska

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Skanska Sweden uses e-learning to increase risk awareness