Safety and quality

Safety procedures and policies are at the core of quality management and job satisfaction. Do you know how to take full advantage of digital learning in your safety and security management?

To reach your safety and security goals you need commitment from your employees. To create that, you need effective tools and approaches. MPS Prewise’s motivating and versatile digital solutions will allow you to measure knowledge and skills, monitor participation, send safety training reminders and report on completion rates and learning outcomes.

Safety and security concerns affect us all, whether we are talking about personnel safety, corporate security, cybersecurity or product safety and security. Digital learning is a great solution for training your own employees as well as providing safety induction and training for external employees, partners and contractors. We design all our digital learning solutions with your target group’s needs in mind; for example, audiences such as drivers who are always on the move will appreciate a mobile solution for completing their mandatory safety training.

Even for smaller target groups, digital learning can be the most effective and impactful approach to ensuring that quality standards and requirements are met, especially if your target group is spread over a wide geographical area.

A high-quality digital learning solution is an important part of your company and employer brand

MPS Prewise has a long experience and strong track record in creating impactful digital learning solutions on safety and security topics in different industries. We will transform your prosaic safety instructions into easily digestible and meaningful learning content. Digital learning can also work as an instrument for inspiring your employees, partners and subcontractors to develop your shared workplace into an even safer and more secure environment. The differences between locations and production facilities will level out and role-based induction will become more efficient when everyone receives the same safety and security training digitally.

High-quality digital learning solutions contribute to your company and employer brand. Organizational benefits go hand in hand with the benefits for the individual: an efficiently monitored, smartly delivered, precisely targeted and insightfully built training solution will help you instil safety and security as your shared number one priority. Safety First.

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