Sovelto takes social learning to the next level with renewed Gimlet

Sovelto is the leading ICT Training and Consulting Company located in Finland. Due to the changes in the training market Sovelto faced new challenges at the beginning of 2013. It became clear that the Sovelto offering would need to be digitalized. But instead of mere digitalization of the content also new ways of learning would need to be utilized. Online learning would be designed to be be both goal-oriented and entertaining.

- The Sovelto Channel project was launched by testing different learning platforms. There are a variety of LMS providers on the market as well as several companies building social platforms. Sovelto selected the renewed Gimlet platform created by MPS Prewise because it is a unique and adaptable combination of both. Earlier cooperation with MPS Prewise and the reassurance of a big and established organisation behind the platform sealed the decision, Sami M. Leppänen, the Service Manager at Sovelto Learning 2.0 summarizes the grounds for the decision making.

All Sovelto trainings are designed as work life oriented and they provide practical case examples. Naturally they are time and cost efficient thanks to the more efficient use of ICT tools. Being a strong substance professional Sovelto produced most of the content itself, unlike in most customer projects conducted by MPS Prewise.

- Learning materials can be eLearning courses, videos and articles, among others. Gimlet enables everyone to select the most relevant learning content, create a personal study schedule and be rewarded for their studies. User identification is executed in a new, simple way through cloud service. The real beef, however, is in social learning methods: the students can share best practices of utilizing ICT tools in different work environments and support each other in their studies. This social aspect of learning makes this learning environment so inspiring it hooks the user to visit it even outside work hours, says Leppänen.

Most MPS Prewise’s customers have already utilized the social learning communities built upon Gimlet in their internal change projects. Sovelto is exceptionally open for all companies who purchase a licence. The first version of Channel was launched in the beginning of 2014, and the content will be developed further from ICT themes towards more thorough work development themes during the year. Development work will be done in co-operation with compatible partners. MPS Prewise keeps developing the Gimlet platform as well, and new features are continuously available for the users.

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Text: Maria Paassola

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Sovelto takes social learning to the next level with renewed Gimlet

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