Rovio Campus: A gamified induction process for new employees

The fast growing Rovio has in recent years faced challenges regarding its induction process. As several new employees sign up in the Rovio team each month, there is a possibility that some employees' company knowledge is not as strong as it should be due to the lack of resources for proper induction. At the same time the company has been in the spotlight ever since their products received huge media attention as well as consumer interest. Finally, the answer to the challenge was found in digital learning solutions.

- We both have some experience in utilizing different digital learning platforms. Based on this experience it was clear that what we were looking for was a flexible environment, which allows easy modifications without extra costs and which enables a modular structure and an interesting visual layout plan. Also, as we've got the house full of experts in usability and entertainment, the quality requirements regarding these factors were naturally set very high, Anna Laine, the HRD Manager, and Sara Antila, the Communications Director, at Rovio Entertainment Ltd, recap the background for Rovio Campus.

The digital learning environment was created by MPS Prewise based on these requirements. Although the content itself is mainly pure substance matter including themes such as information security and brand, the content is presented utilizing visual elements familiar from Rovio games. Besides providing the digital induction program, Rovio also organizes a group training session for new employees where new people meet and get a general information regarding onboarding. The digital learning environment enables the employees a deeper level of knowledge, and for Rovio it provides the chance to measure the effects of the induction process.

- Despite the constant hurry the personnel is in, about 60% of the staff has completed the digital induction program, and we are very happy with that number. This process has proved very beneficial for us, as it has pushed us to work on the missing corporate materials along the process. It is our vision that we keep on expanding the Campus and creating different learning paths. We also plan to further develop the measurement system, Laine and Antila expand upon their future plans for the Rovio Campus.


Text: Maria Paassola

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