Employee induction

Is your employee onboarding effective and correctly timed, even in settings with high employee turnover or job rotation? How about situations where the inductee and the person providing the induction are based in different countries, or where there are cultural differences? Are your supervisors and managers committed to and capable of providing sufficient induction of equal quality to all new employees?

In order to get all those boxes checked and your new employees up to speed as quickly as possible, you will need systematic, effective and measurable induction practices.

Digital learning offers great tools and approaches for an induction process that is well timed, independent of the inductee’s location and as extensive as needed. When you deliver part of your onboarding program in a digital format, you will free your supervisors’ time for other work - or for more effective, role- and person-specific induction support.

Welcome your new employee with a carefully designed digital learning experience

Typically, new employees are very motivated and have already looked up a lot of information about their new employer. That is why it is important to consider the respective roles of different induction measures: where to list the latest factual information, where to share the working practices of the working community, or where to you discuss business essentials. Sometimes organizations tend to put a lot of emphasis on sharing information that is going to be outdated by the following summer. Consider whether you should actually start by introducing the preferred practices and your shared ethos. Or maybe your key products and services, or the customers?

Online induction can be designed to form a path with steps for different topics, exercises and learning experiences, each building on the understanding already created. This will help pace out the flow of information during the first days and weeks.

MPS Prewise can help you create induction e-learning that will meet the needs of your organization and new employees and support your other onboarding measures. We can also help you with your whole induction program, from face-to-face onboarding training and checklists to digital induction modules. Our wide range of digital learning solutions will help you measure skills, monitor learning, register course and program completion and produce the reporting and analytics you need. Across industries, from small organizations to global corporations, we have years of experience in creating impactful digital induction solutions for our customers.

Tip: Often also your current employees can benefit for taking induction training afresh!

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