Supplementary training for Gimlet users

We provide our Gimlet LMS and Gimlet Composer users supplementary training flexibly, based on your needs. Sometimes it it good to brush up on system administration basics or provide basic training for new administrators and content creators. Even more experienced content creators may need support on their digital learning design: new ideas and concepts for e-learning and microlearning or perhaps support on how to use visuals or add gamification.

When you deploy new learning technologies, it is important to also consider how to launch your digital learning culture effectively, how to keep the learning going and how to get organized around digital competence development. MPS Prewise’s experts are at your service for these considerations as well.

Most of our training packages are suited for any organization, regardless of their LMS or content authoring tool.

You can pick your training packages and workshops from the list below, or ask us to create a bespoke training or consultation package that would better suit your needs!

Our training packages:

Building a digital learning culture

What are the benefits of and prerequisites for building a digital learning culture?

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The basics of digital learning content creation

How do you create engaging e-learning and other digital learning material?

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Gimlet Composer user training

Learn to use Gimlet Composer effectively to create engaging e-learning content

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Gimlet LMS administration training

Maintain and distribute your learning content, manage users and monitor participation and learning.

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The basics of visual e-learning design

Learn how to design a professional-looking, attractive and effective e-learning courses.

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Workshop on goal-oriented digital and blended learning

How do you build a solid foundation for a blended learning culture?

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Impactful digital learning experience design

Let’s take you learning experience design skills to the next level!

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Build your gamified learning culture

How to ensure your people want to learn and develop for themselves?

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