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Are you looking to integrate digital learning seamlessly into your competence development portfolio? Are you interested on using digital learning solutions more widely but at a loss on where to start? MPS Prewise’s consulting service helps you get started with digital and blended learning and develop your learning culture with a long-term plan and impact – right from the start.

To reach optimal results for your business, your competence development needs to be up to date and you need to be able to reach your target audiences effectively. MPS Prewise’s experts will support you in selecting the right environments for your organization’s learning, considering the technologies you already have. We will help you get started on creating impactful learning experiences, whether you’re looking to procure tailored digital learning solutions from a partner or to design them yourselves with some targeted training to support you. Or maybe you would like to pilot e-learning with some target audiences to find out the level of readiness in your organization and the kind of learning solutions that would work for you?

To succeed in building a full-blown digital learning culture, it is important to understand the goals of your various stakeholders from the beginning, and clearly define the roles and responsibilities for digital competence development. We will help you in making this definition phase systematic and goal-oriented so that you will have a strong foundation to build your learning culture on – see MPS Prewise’s workshop on goal-oriented digital learning for more. You can also get started with our Building a digital learning culture training, where we go through the prerequisites and steps for building a new digital and blended learning culture.

Based on your specific needs, we are also happy to provide other tailored digital and blended learning training sessions and consultation services – please contact us to discuss your objectives in more detail.

We also invite you to look into MPS Prewise’s tailored digital learning content services, our Gimlet Learning Suite technology services and our training packages designed to increase the digital learning capabilities within your organization.

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Building a digital learning culture

What are the benefits of and prerequisites for building a digital learning culture?

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Workshop on goal-oriented digital and blended learning

How do you build a solid foundation for a blended learning culture?

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