Gamification to inspire your learners

Gamification is one of the best ways to get your organisation motivated about learning and development. You can integrate gamification into almost any learning solution and into whole processes – often without complicated technology.

Our experts can help you integrate gamification in your learning experiences, from individual e-learning modules to your whole induction program. We can also help you harness the tools you already have for gamified learning.

At MPS, we follow these gamification principles:

  1. Gamification can be fun, of course, but we always apply it in a way that provides more than just fun
  2. Gamification is not the same as playing games – successful gamified learning can be done in many ways, and “serious games” are just one example
  3. Technology is often used to support gamification, but can never in itself be gamification
  4. Successful gamification starts with excellent design, and so expert learning experience design is at the heart of gamification
  5. Gamification is at its best when it is as closely related to a learner’s own work as possible

When we use gamification, we take both organisational goals and learners’ motivators into account. Based on these motivators, we know how to design inspirational learning experiences that raise learners’ future enthusiasm for learning.

Learn more about our gamification workshop or contact us to discuss your specific needs in detail. We provide tailored gamification consultation for all types of organization, regardless of your size or field of business.

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