What is gamification really?

Gamification for learning is not about building or playing games. Rather, it is about taking advantage of known mechanisms that games use to support people in changing their behaviour without being forced to.

So, we can create learning experiences where learners get interested in going deeper into a subject, want to perform as well as possible and want to come back later to learn even more. Gamification always requires careful design; however, more often than not, it does not require complex technology.

Gamified activities or a learning culture?

We can use gamification in learning experiences either by creating gamified activities – like courses, games and apps – or by building a completely gamified learning culture. Building a learning culture over time is a particularly good solution because it brings long lasting benefits and engages learners especially well.

What kind of learning culture should we aim for?

The outcome should be that learners experience the following:

  1. This feels easy – The learning ecosystem works smoothly, is easy to use and learners can take advantage of tools already familiar to them (e.g., Teams, SharePoint, Outlook).
  2. This is interesting and important – Learning resources and other content are well-designed, relevant and bring added value to learners.
  3. I want more of this – Content creates the desire to explore more and the ecosystem supports it.
  4. I want to help others – The ecosystem encourages learners to help others and makes it easy and rewarding

Gamification methods are some of the most effective ways to get learners to feel this way.

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