Change implementation

Are you looking for effective ways to instil new processes and practices in your organization? Do you know how to boost engagement and increase your personnel’s commitment to your new strategy? What kind of communications are needed to get your whole organization involved in customer service renewal – and what kind of learning needs do such changes create? MPS Prewise is your expert partner in implementing change effectively and engaging your personnel in the renewal process.

Organizations sharpen their competitive edge by merging and separating their functions, using more subcontractors or streamlining their processes. Strategies, procedures, processes and products are in constant flux. However, nothing really changes if individuals don’t change their behaviour. Supporting such change requires that the individuals are provided with a clear overall picture of the situation and the necessary skills and knowledge to be part of effecting the change. At the same time, it is important to support your managers and supervisors, who are in a key position in effecting the change, and make sure that all teams are invited to join in the change in a meaningful way.

MPS Prewise supports you in your change implementation process, from change communications to the learning required. We will provide you with concepts and tools to practical implementation measures. We believe in the power of a wide range of blended coaching and training methods.

We can support you in e.g. strategy implementation or in instilling your ethical principles or your new customer service process throughout your organization. We will help you design a implementation path merging your communications and training with your other change implementation measures. We help you anchor your changes through encouraging participation and open dialogue, helping individuals take new perspectives, supporting facilitated discussions in teams and providing impactful learning content to close the skills gap created by the changing environment. Making all this happen in a global organization? We’ve got the skills and the experience!

Here you can find out more on our thoughts on strategy implementation. We are happy to share our experiences with our latest change implementation cases with you on a general level, or you can view older case examples here. Please contact us to discuss your change implementation needs in more detail!

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