Digital Learning Consulting

Do you need support in introducing digital learning to your organization in a productive way? Would you like some help with gamifying your learning solutions? Can you reach your audiences with your change communications, or do you fall short of the desired impact? Let us help! MPS Prewise’s high-quality digital learning consultancy is at your service in these situations and with your other digital learning and change implementation needs. We help you create a modern blended learning culture and are your expert partner with digital change implementation measures.

Our consulting services cover the following areas:

Getting started with digital and blended learning

To reach optimal results for your business, your competence development needs to be up to date and you need to reach your target audiences effectively. MPS Prewise’s consulting service helps you get started with digital and blended learning and develop your learning culture with a long-term plan and impact.

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Growing capability for learning content development

Developing content for impactful digital and blended learning solutions requires specific skills and understanding to be able to for example define learning objectives meaningfully, use digital learning pedagogy skilfully in creating the content and take advantage of the opportunities provided by modern learning tools.

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Change implementation

Organizations aim to improve their competitive edge by merging and separating their functions, using more subcontractors or streamlining their processes. Strategies, procedures, processes and products are in constant flux. However, nothing really changes if individuals don’t change their behaviour.

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Gamification is one of the most powerful approaches for generating enthusiasm towards learning and improving learning outcomes. You can integrate gamification into almost any learning solution and into whole processes – often without complicated technology. Learn more about gamification to inspire your learners!

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Supplementary training for Gimlet users

We provide our Gimlet LMS and Gimlet Composer users supplementary training flexibly, based on your needs. Our training packages are suited for any organization, regardless of their LMS or content authoring tool.

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Future of Digital Learning

Are you ready for the future where we won’t need the word ‘digital’ in digital learning – where corporate learning is so seamless it will just blend into our everyday existence? Here is what we think.