MPS policies

MPS has been the reliable partner of job seekers and employers for more than 40 years. We are continuously improving our operations, and as a consequence this site, the collection, processing and storage of data and our register are also subject to continuous upgrades. Below we explain what information is collected when you visit our MPS Enterprises websites and how we handle that information.

If you leave information through our websites via our electronic forms or similar tools, we can contact you regarding your inquiry or MPS.

To develop our operations, we use analytics services from Google Analytics and Leadfeeder. With these services we gather information such as your IP address and usage data regarding your surfing on our websites so that we can target our MPS products and services better. You can disable Google Analytics with this browser add-on tool. Opt-outs are specific for each browser and device.

Data protection principles

Your personal information will not be disclosed or sold to third parties, and we store your data in locked facilities behind firewalls. The register is stored on Koodiviidakko Oy's servers in a secured computer network to which third parties have no access. Use of the register requires the use of a username and password.

On our websites there can be found links to other websites, and content from other websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The use of external content is subject to said website’s own privacy policy instead of ours.

The data we collect from the employers and the job seekers

We collect relevant information from the employers and the applicants during the recruitment process. We consider all the information we collect confidential. We observe good personnel assessment practices, all relevant laws and the Data Protection Ombudsman's guidelines.

The Data Collector is MPS Enterprises, Paciuksenkatu 27, FI-00270 Helsinki. If necessary, ask more at