After the assessment

We hope you were satisfied with the assessment. Did you remember to fill in the feedback questionnaire? We are continuously developing our operations to meet changing customer needs and we therefore value your opinion.

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Perhaps you would also like to receive feedback. The consultant informed you at the end of the interview on the reporting schedule and procedures, which vary according to the purpose of the assessment. For example, an assessment of aptitude for an expat posting, development assessments and certain leadership assessments include coaching feedback. In this the consultant and assessee together look for ideas on making use of the strengths revealed by the assessment and try to identify the most favourable conditions and support systems for development.

Assessment report

If you applied for a new job, you probably attended an aptitude assessment, the result of which the consultant will report to the recruiting senior employee. According to law you have the right to receive the same report on request. In our view, requesting the report separately is unnecessary work for you, so we post it to you automatically! The report contains the contact details of the consultant who interviewed you. He/she will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the report. Sometimes it has been agreed with the recruiting party that no report is drawn up. In such an event you will receive the contact details of the consultant at the interview: if you so wish, he/she will explain any assessment results and conclusions that you were not already informed of during the assessment day.

We advise you to take time to study the report. At best it will give you support in drawing up your own development plan. If you are appointed to the position you applied for, you may well return to the assessment report in discussions with your new superior once you have learned about the possibilities and challenges of your new duties. It is also worthwhile to consider how you have been able to employ your strengths and how your way of working has adapted to the new environment.

Even if you were not the one selected for the position this time, the report may still give you ideas on how to improve your current job satisfaction and succeed in your work.

Invited to a new assessment?

What if you have received an invitation to MPS and a new assessment immediately after the previous one? The test results themselves may be useful for more than a year if your life situation and employment have remained more or less unchanged. In this event you will decide whether to respond again, e.g. to the personality questionnaire, right away. However, different jobs require a different set of competencies, so capabilities for different positions are assessed to some extent by different methods. Moreover, the aptitude assessment report is drawn up separately for each position, and in any case the employer is not permitted to use your previous report for other purposes without your consent. In this case it is advisable to ask the reporting consultant’s opinion on the usability of the assessment report.

MPS will archive a copy of your report for a period of two years, after which it will be destroyed. The recruiting employer is responsible for the archiving and disposal of their own copy according to their own archiving policy.

Technical support

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