Assessment of potential

Identifying the staff's potential is an important prerequisite for business development. Typically, the assessment of potential is used in leadership skills assessment, career and succession planning and mapping individual's development needs.

Assessment of potential is a broad assessment, that comprehensively analyzes a person's working style, personal qualities, know-how and motivation factors as well as their preconditions for developing and advancing in their careers.

The results of the potential assessment are reported in writing and discussed with the supervisor and a possible HR representative in a feedback meeting. The results are also reviewed with the person being evaluated in a coaching-type feedback meeting. The purpose of the conversation is to help them become aware of their strengths and to recognize the development areas that they need to pay attention to in order to pursue their career goals.

Assessments as part of development programs

When you want to map the situation of a particular group of experts in a company, potential assessments provide valuable additional information on the current state of knowledge, future potential and development needs. Assessment of potential brings depth and added value to the Talent program for both the company and the person to be evaluated. Assessment of potential also provides valuable information in other broader development programs, for example, when developing a management or some other team.

Management Development Audit

Management Development Audit (MDA) is intended as a development tool for the organization's management team and key personnel to support individual leadership skills and to develop leadership or management teamwork.

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